Shopping addiction

Shopping is something that everyone needs to do. We always need to buy something new, however, there is a limit to how much we should spend and what purchases are even necessary. Shopping addicts do not seem to have any limits at all when it comes to spending. This is the kind of lifestyle which is only sustainable if you are extremely wealthy, however shopping addiction can affect all walks of life, and is one of the many afflictions that the modern world has thrust upon us.

Compulsive shoppers only do so when they are emotionally upset, shopaholics want the image of being a ‘big spender’, with a passion for blingy and flashy items and material goods. Bargain seekers like items because they are on sale and collectors won’t feel complete unless they have the entire set – in all colours etc. Bulimic shoppers buy everything and then return it.

The cause of being a shopping addict is the feeling that one gets after buying something new, the way the brain feels afterwards. I’m sure you will be familiar with the feeling you get from getting the latest thing that you wanted, be it a new gadget, car etc. 10% to %15 percent of people feels their brain release endorphins when buying something new. Many people feel the need to hide credit card bills or shopping bags, even receipts from other people like their spouse or family – in fear of telling them how much money that they have spent on their latest trip to the mall.

Shopping addicts often spend more than they can afford, shopping can be a way for people who feel angry or depressed and need an activity to distract them from how they feel.

Consequences from this kind of behavioral addiction can be really harmful to the home environment. It can destroy relationships from spending too much or shopping too much. It can make people feel anxious or guilty because of how much they spent. There can be severe financial difficulties where people are overwhelmed with debt. It’s much the same kind of treatment that someone would get if they are being treated for any kind of addiction at rehab clinic.

It involves situations like maxing out credit cards, taking out a second mortgage and charging personal purchases to business credit cards. Shopping addiction destroys relationships, it can separate people from parents, children and loved ones.

CBT cognitive behavioral therapy can help addicts identify and change negative thoughts of yourself that contribute to overspending. A financial advisor or a debt counselor can help to make a payment plan to pay what is owed, fixing credit scores. There’re also 12 step programs like spenders anonymous and debtors anonymous, shopping addicts need to be treated before they get themselves into serious financial difficulty. Addiction Rehab is also an option for those seeking treatment.