A Brief History of Meth Before You Clear a Drug Test

If you’ve been watching Breaking Bad, which was one of the most popular TV series a few years ago, you have seen what people would do to get pure meth.

Even though this show popularized the idea of this particular drug, it also brought awareness so that the public could know everything about it.

Everything started back in 1893 when a Japanese chemist synthesized methamphetamine, which is also called crystal meth, crank, speed or meth. Of course, the idea was not to create something that will affect other people, but he wanted to use it for treating asthma and narcolepsy.

During World War II, Axis and Allies power used this particular drug to stay awake and ahead of their command. After the war was over, soldiers developed a habit,and the increase in usage grew rapidly and dramatically. That was the main reason why the United States banned it in 1970.

Similarly, as other drugs, there are drug testing solutions that will help cleanse your body from meth, which will be much more comfortable than reducing the amount of THC within your blood. In all cases, you should have in mind that scientists developed it with the idea to be an alternative to ephedra plant.

You probably know that ephedra is a type of shrub that Chinese medicine used as an extract for more than five thousand years. For instance, in 1885, Japanese chemist who studied in Germany found out stimulant inside this particular plant and called it ephedrine.

Have in mind that it is not simple to make meth and only until 1919 when Akira Ogata (another Japanese chemist) created and streamlined the entire process. He used iodine and phosphorus to reduce the amount of ephedrine and to turn it into a crystallized form, which is how we got crystal meth.

Different Types of Methamphetamine

The first thing that you should remember is that meth is a stimulant drug, and it is a form of medicine known as methamphetamine hydrochloride. However, you can find it in FDA-approved and controlled medications and substances such as Desoxyn that treats obesity and ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

At the same time, Ritalin and Adderall are also FDA-approved drugs that are also stimulants used for treating attention deficit disorder among adolescents. You can also find illegal forms of meth,and in most cases, it is in theway of white powder that you can dissolve in water, snort or inject.

On the other hand, crystal meth is a solid and crystalline form of the drug,and it looks like bright white rocks or shards of glass. Users tend to snort or smoke it, which are the most common ways of consumption.

Smoking will elevate levels of meth inside the bran and will provide you with intense high and rapid enjoyment, which makes it both addictive and harmful after long-term use. It can also lead to overdose and severe addiction, so you will not be able to control withdrawal symptoms without professional help.

Early Meth Use

American pharmaceutical company started marketing the amphetamine inhaler for asthma nasal congestion back in 1932. This particular type of medication was called Benzedrine, and it was available withouta prescription.

After a while, people started noticing its energizing and euphoric side effects. Since the stimulant effects, pharmaceuticals began to manufacture, it in pill for sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and other issues along the way.

World War II

German pharmaceutical company called Temmler during WWII started to market meth tablets as the drug under the name of Pervitin and people could use it without prescription. The idea is that meth creates a response in the body, which is similar to adrenaline and will cause the willingness to take risks and higher alertness in overall.

That is the main reason why German, British, USA and Japanese military personnel stated that they have been using these stimulants so that they can fight off fatigue and enhance endurance on long campaigns. For instance, Kamikaze pilots took high levels of Pervitin so that they can be altering for their suicide flight missions.

At the same time, factory workers in Japan used it so that they can work longer than before. You should know that the German army ordered fighter pilots and front line soldiers to take stimulants, which were a combination of cocaine and methamphetamine.

Bennies and Beat Generation

After World War II was finished, people started using meth for recreational use,and it was one of the most popular drugs in Beatnik culture during the ’50s. For instance, most authors and writers such as W.H. Auden and Jack Kerouac used artificial stimulants in the form of Benzedrine.

Even though the popularity of meth declined in the late ’50s due to regulations that FDA made that required Benzedrine to have an appropriate prescription.

At the same time, experts reported that side effects were harmful and that included paranoia, delusions, heart failure, abnormal heartbeat and many more, which were familiar heavy users and addicts.

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When you are a heavy user, have in mind that it could lead to severe addiction. After long-term use, your brain will develop tolerance to this particular drug,and you will need higher doses so that you can get the same effects you had before.

According to some users, after first use, you will have to try the drug once more, which means that it is highly addictive. At the same time, the long-term use can lead to severe mental issues and cause hallucinations, paranoia,and delusions such as feeling insects under your skin.

Most addicts have rotting teeth,and they will usually experience severe weight loss because it reduces appetite and you have to consume it by smoking. The harshest conditions were during the ’80s in the USA when regulation stated that sale or use of the ephedrine become illegal.

After a while, people started making illegal meth labs, and the use exploded during the 90s. However, today, we can easily say that the number of addicts is reducing, but still, there are, and statistics are saying then only in the USA in 2012 more than 1.2 million people reported using meth.